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Joff (Steven Carter) is a South African based artist, born in the city of Cape Town in 1983. Influenced by the flow and form found in initial experiments with ink, Joff has carved a unique style in his work, which ranges from film to studio art and street art.


Much of his work explores and transforms the boundaries of anatomical structure: discovering proportions that feel comfortable to the eye while certain elements might be disfigured and not true to scale. In doing so, Joff seeks to represent beauty in the oddity of unnatural forms by relying on emotional connections we forge with particular recognisable and realistic details.


Joff is also largely  involved in video production, first as a visual effects artist and animator, then moving into positions as art director and director . Joff has used this knowledge of film to integrate his art into the music video format, working with bands such as Medicine Boy (Berlin) on their song “Watergirl”, Lucy Kruger and the Lost Boys (Berlin) for their song “Blackspot” and Toya De Lazy (London) for her song “Khula Khula”, which was nominated for the Best International Music Award at the UMA music awards.

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